Verrill & Charlene

Dating & Marriage Coaches

We help hopeful romantics achieve love that appreciates year on year on year on year.

Show me how!
Let's do it!

Verrill & Charlene

Relationship Coaches

We help hopeful romantics achieve love that appreciates year on year on year on year.

Show me how!
Let's do it!

Marriage Mentors

82% of couples report wanting to have a mentor couple walk with them. Research shows that couples who have marriage mentors are happier and healthier.

SYMBIS Facilitators

"Save Your Marriage Before It Starts" is an award-winning assessment, where more than a million couples have used, to prepare for marriage.

PREP 8.0 Facilitators

"Prevention and Relationship Education Programme" is an evidenced-based programme proven to work in building a lasting marriage.

2 Soulmates Living Out Their Happily Ever After


V&C found each other by doing up their soulmate list, where V had 30+ items on his list and C had 80+ items on her list. They 100% matched each others' list!

1 month after their marriage, V&C brought up the D word - divorce, and it absolutely crushed them.

Ever since then, they committed to doing whatever it takes - no matter how big or how small - to build a successful marriage. They got that finding each other, getting married and staying happily married are distinct and separate skills.

Today, they often express how their love for each other keeps growing day-on-day, and they are on a mission to share this with you!

Nick L.


Verrill & Charlene are the mentors I have been looking for regarding relationships. They patiently listened to my challenges and guided me with great wisdom on how to deal with it. 

They also walked with me through my past hurts & regrets, guiding me step by step how to let go and heal properly.

I was able to share freely my thoughts with them without fear of judgement or condemnation.

Thank you for walking with me.

Alicia N.


I was at a point in my relationship where I needed help, and I was ready to accept help, and Verrill & Charlene had a solution, so I wanted it.

Verrill & Charlene are very easy to open up to. My experience was that it was very nice and comfortable. Therefore, I didn’t need to hold back anything and I could be vulnerable with them. They also exposed me to my real inner thoughts.

Verrill & Charlene are an inspiring and loving couple whom I admire. They are a good couple role model for me to work towards.


Regina C.


Verrill and Charlene have shown me much commitment and confidence. That has me kept going in my own commitment to my relationship.

The tools they shared were able to help me disarm what I got stuck in my marriage, which has left my relationship in a perpetual cycle of conflict.

It was also interesting to hear them share about things from their 2 points of views.

I’m touched by their love and positivity for each other and for me and my partner.

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Old Fashioned Love Podcast

Join these 2 imperfect, happily-married human beings for authentic conversations and new perspectives on dating & marriage, and light-hearted fun as they bare their ups and downs with you.

Grab an Old Fashioned and gather around the table just as you would when you're hanging out with your favourite couple friend as they give up dating & relationship advise for free.

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If you have been hurt before in past relationships, know that you are not alone. Begin healing your emotional wounds and find your soulmate. let's talk. =D

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Did you know that 41% of divorced couples say lack of pre-marriage preparation contributed to their divorce? Speak to us to divorce-proof your marriage.

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Based on our survey, 69.2% rated resolving fights as an extremely important skill, yet only 4.5% are extremely skilled at it. Resolve all fights now.

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